Useful Kitchen Safety Tips for the Holidays

Posted on December 19, 2019

Ah yes, the holidays are here. Tis the season for shopping, skating, cooking and plenty of eating. With our society’s all-consuming focus on everything seasonal, there are bound to be accidents—including culinary ones.

With a lot of our family traditions revolving around making cookies, gingerbread or any other baking, an annual reminder on the dos and don’ts of the kitchen during this season can be a good refresher.

Enjoy your holidays with these useful kitchen safety tips.


Fire Safety

One of the most common and most dangerous types of accidents during the holidays is fire-related. Home fires involving the kitchen peak on major U.S. holidays that have traditions of cooking. These days include Thanksgiving, Christmas and Christmas Eve. Because it’s colder outside during the holiday months, fires caused by candles and fireplaces also peak in December.

Stay safe by keeping heat sources and things that can catch fire separate. Move paper plates, towels and any flammable objects away from stovetops or candles. It’s always smart to keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

Fact: According to the National Safety Council, since 2004, there has been $5.2 million in property damage losses due solely to turkey-fryer-related fires.



Whether they’re sharp or dull, knives are dangerous, and with the holidays being prime cooking periods, there’s plenty of opportunity for mishaps.

Keeping your knives sharp is an easy way to avoid accidents. Because dull knives slip more easily, sharpened knives will give you more control while cutting. Storing knives properly is another easy way to keep you and your family safe, and there are plenty of options to keep knives and other sharp utensils secured. Use wood blocks or safely secure them in tucked away drawers.


Food Poisoning

Like the previously mentioned topics, Christmas is also a high-risk time for food poisoning. Always make sure your hands are washed while preparing food. Especially while handling raw meats, make sure your hands are cleaned in between handlings.

Large amounts of dishes get dirty quickly during the holidays, but it’s important to always clean your dishes thoroughly before reusing them. That being said, leftovers should be eaten within two days of cooking.


Happy holidays and stay safe this cooking season. For more healthy holiday tips, read our blog on 5 Ways to Stay Healthy Over the Holidays.