What to Expect

SFSH allows for two healthy visitors with each patient from 6 AM – 6 PM. Patients who stay overnight can have one guest stay with them.


Valet parking is provided at the front entrance canopy Monday through Friday, 5 a.m. – 6 p.m. Please enter through the first set of double doors to register.

SFSH Upon Arrival

Upon Your Arrival

  • Please register with our staff.
  • A staff member will take you to a pre-operative admitting area to review your health history, medications, and upcoming procedure. We will also discuss anesthesia options.
  • We will supply you with surgical attire at this time.
  • When you are ready and our team is ready, we will take you to the operating room for your procedure.
  • Caregivers should stay in the patient lobby throughout the procedure in case the surgeon, nurse, or anesthesiologist needs to contact them.
  • Caregivers who must leave should provide contact information at the welcome desk.
  • If the patient is a minor, we ask that an adult caregiver remain in the building at all times.


SFSH Post Surgery


  • After surgery is finished, we will move you to the post-anesthesia care unit for observation and recovery.
  • Our nurses will explain your individual recovery course to you and your caregiver.
SFSH Departure


  • When it’s time to go home, we will give you and a second responsible adult very specific at-home instructions to assist with your recovery. Please ask questions. Your recovery depends on thorough adherence to your at-home instructions.
  • When you receive approval to go home, a staff member will escort you to your vehicle.
  • A nurse will call you to follow up the day after surgery.
  • Call your surgeon if you have any immediate needs or concerns.
Doctor looking down to smiling man in red

Please Note:

  • Occasionally, surgery may be delayed due to circumstances beyond our control. If a delay should occur, we will notify you immediately. Please keep your plans for surgery day flexible and open-ended.
  • To ensure your safety, Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital adheres to Correct Site Surgery Policies. Several staff members will ask you to identify yourself, confirm the correct spelling of your name and verify your procedure throughout your stay with us.