Top 5 Reasons to Visit Sioux Falls Urgent Care Instead of the ER

Posted on June 28, 2018

Category: Urgent Care General

We’ve all been there – an unexpected fall, a high fever, maybe an ache or pain that leaves us worried and wanting to see a doctor immediately. But it’s after normal office hours. What to do? Unless it’s life-threatening, don’t head to the emergency room just yet…

Here are the top five reasons to visit Sioux Falls Urgent Care clinic instead of the Emergency Room.

If your illness or injury can’t wait, but isn’t life-threatening, an Urgent Care clinic can be a much better way to get the care you need. Here’s why:

1. Lower costs

Let’s face it, ERs are expensive. There are many reasons for the higher costs, ranging from equipment and staffing to lack of knowledge about you and your health history (which can lead to more tests). Insurance companies place greater restrictions on the use of emergency room visits to prevent unnecessarily expensive care. That means you could receive a substantial bill after your visit.

2. Less waiting

Yes, ER staff are specially trained to move quickly. But if you’re not suffering from a traumatic or life-threatening issue, you’ll need to wait in line. Emergencies come first. Urgent Care clinics, on the other hand, allow you to be seen much faster.

3. Convenience

Whereas your primary care provider’s office might only be open Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm, Urgent Care clinics are often open later in the evening and on the weekend. No appointment needed!

4. High-quality care

Some people think Urgent Care clinics sacrifice quality for convenience. That couldn’t be further from the truth! From X-rays and shots to lab tests and more - Urgent Care clinics can provide most, if not all, of the same healthcare services provided by your primary care physician’s office. That being said, do your homework. Don’t be afraid to call the front desk and ask about the clinic’s staff and facility before you need to visit.

5. Less stress for you and your care team

The emergency room can be chaotic, crowded and uncomfortable. People might be moaning, crying or in pain. Doctors, nurses and staff members are often rushed, leaving them less time to really talk with you and understand your situation. You might even be unsettled by the sounds of life-saving care in progress. Urgent Care clinics offer a much more relaxed care environment for both patients and staff, lowering stress levels for everyone.

Sioux Falls Urgent Care is open 7 days a week with high-quality, patient-focused care and no wait times. That’s your kind of care!