Should You Visit Urgent Care for Back Pain?

Posted on August 01, 2018

Category: Physical Injury Urgent Care General

Ouch! Back pain is no fun. Whether you pulled something at the gym, overdid it working on the yard, or simply woke up one morning stiff and sore – back pain has many potential causes. Many people try to “tough it out,” but there’s no reason to let back pain keep you from enjoying life.

Here are 3 reasons to visit an Urgent Care clinic for back pain.

First, it’s important to note – if you are experiencing severe back pain after an accident or fall, you should go to the ER. You could very well have a spinal injury. However, if you are experiencing a potential strain or sprain, or chronic back pain that feels more like a flare-up than an emergency – Urgent Care is an excellent choice for back pain relief.

1. You deserve to feel better, faster.

This is lesson number-one when it comes to back pain… prioritize your well-being! Urgent Care clinics offer the experienced staff and technology you need to help alleviate your pain today. After your visit, they can coordinate with your primary care physician or offer a referral to top an orthopedic clinic. The shorter wait times at an Urgent Care clinic will feel better on your back, too.

2. You’ll receive quality care.

If you know your back pain was caused by a specific event, such as lifting something heavy or a minor fall, your Urgent Care team can help assess the situation without a long wait (and expensive bill) at the Emergency Room. Expect a thorough examination and plenty of questions. Back pain happens when your joints, muscles, spine, discs and nerves aren’t working together properly. It can also be caused by other medical conditions like arthritis, anxiety and depression – or lifestyle triggers such as weight gain or even wearing the wrong shoes.

3. You’ll know what to do next.

Because back pain can be connected to a variety of causes, your visit to Urgent Care can help isolate the cause of your pain. Your Urgent Care team can help assess whether your back pain could be related to an underlying medical condition and discuss treatment options with you – including heat or ice, rest or stretching, medications, physical therapy and more. Instead of staying home and hoping your back pain will subside, you will have a plan of action. That’s the first step to getting back to the activities you enjoy, pain-free.

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