Midwest Imaging

At Sioux Falls Specialty Hospital’s Midwest Imaging, we are committed to the quality of your image. We offer multiple types of scans so you can be secure in knowing you always have the right scan.

We are the only facility in the region offering high- field 
3T MRI along with Open Upright MRI scanner technology to provide the options patients and referring doctors need to receive the right exam at the right time.


Our state-of-the-art 3T MRI helps physicians diagnose many conditions more quickly, safely and accurately than ever before with amazingly detailed images.

  • Clearer scan pictures show smaller details of your body.
  • Higher image quality enables neurological and vascular conditions to be diagnosed with greater confidence.
  • Excels at imaging of the spine and musculoskeletal system (shoulders, hips, knees and feet). 
Finally, the 3T is faster, typically resulting in greater patient tolerance and less motion to obstruct results. The result is higher resolution and image contrast for better visualization.


Open Upright MRI was designed with you in mind. The design makes this scanner ideal
 for patients of all sizes (up to 500 lbs.) and those patients who suffer from claustrophobia, bringing you comfort without sedation.

  • Scanner provides optimal images of patients sitting, standing, lying down or bending.
  • Spine can be evaluated in any position reproducing patient symptoms.
  • Patient comfort. They can even watch television during their scan.We are the only facility in the region to provide access to high- field 3T MRI along with Open Upright MRI scanner technology. This allows us to perform “hybrid” MRI studies, in which we compare images from the Open Upright and high- field MRI images.


Midwest Imaging provides open upright positional MRI and high-field (3T) recumbent MRI as a single dynamic study – a Hybrid MRI.

  • Provide additional information necessary for proper diagnosis and treatment.
  • Compare multiple images to aid in better evaluation.
  • Single report delivered in high resolution with 
combined static and dynamic information.